About Us

     We have been in business since 1984 in Atlanta Georgia, starting with architectural moldings and since 1988 with wood fireplace mantles. In the early 1990s we started a facility in Honduras, to help manufacture the mantles and in the mid 90's we devoted both factories to exclusively producing mantles. Interphase is one of only a few companies that produce an inexpensive contractor model mantle and a moderately priced high-end mantle. This offers our customers' the variety necessary to attract both the retail and builder market. Customer satisfaction has always been Interphase's number one goal with the emphasis being on quality. Going hand in hand with the quality is quick turn around time. To achieve that goal we have committed our resources to inventory almost 1500 of the contractor model mantles allowing us to ship within a few days. In addition, we try to turn around most custom mantles in two weeks. Last year we produced close to 20,000 mantles with most leaving our plant within the ship day parameters.